Supporters across the globe leverage their knowledge and resources to support IIC projects.


As a program of Chicago Harris, the IIC engages with a network of supporters including the University of Chicago, NGO's, foundations, and corporations. These partners help Project Associates acquire the expertise and resources they need to execute innovative solutions and create lasting impact. 

In-country project partners work closely with the IIC to provide on-the-ground support and guidance to IIC teams. Government host institutions shape the goals and scope of many projects, while foundations and NGOs may act as implementing partners, providing the resources to pilot and scale effective solutions. Corporate partners provide teams with strategic inputs and opportunities for skills-based learning; University partners help train Project Associates and provide critical contributions to our projects. 







The IIC receives support from individuals, corporations, development agencies, and foundations with a commitment to impact and innovative change. The IIC is a smart investment for those looking to have an impact, as IIC teams provide cost-efficient human capital that leverages government resources, and IIC projects align with sponsors' strategic interests. The IIC also qualifies for CSR for Indian companies. Email us to find out more about sponsorship.