The teams at IIC are working on a range of critical development areas to create scalable solutions.

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Gujarat Ed-Tech Project

IIC, in partnership with Central Square Foundation, is working with the Government of Gujarat to implement a large scale ed-tech solution (DIKSHA- National Teacher Platform) in the state. It is focused on providing easy access to teaching & learning content, and building teacher capacity through professional development opportunities. The project also focuses on democratising relevant, contextualised and vernacular digital content for all school teachers and students. Our efforts are primarily targetted toward increasing reach and impact through improving platform adoption, strengthening institutional capacity and processes, and streamlining knowledge management systems.

Wadhwani Initiative for Sustainable Health (WISH)

The IIC team assisting WISH is developing an M&E system for Public Health Centers that WISH manages for Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh Government. The team will design an architecture for an M&E system that integrates data from multiple government datasets (HMIS, NDSP, NFHS, etc.) along with local data (from PHCs), ensuring quality data & robust architecture that allows for beneficiaries to be tracked across geographies, levels and health systems.

Self Employed Women’s Association (SEWA Bharat)

IIC is working with SEWA Bharat to develop national and state accelerators for women-owned and women-managed social enterprises. The intervention is focussed towards building proof-of-concept models by actual interventions, measuring impact of social enterprises from an empowerment lens and advocating for an enabling environment. We also support continuous organisational strengthening efforts at SEWA Bharat to help them operate as an efficient, large-scale civil society organisation.

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Women’s Economic Empowerment (WEE) India Platform

In partnership with UN Women and SEWA Bharat, IIC is creating a roadmap for economic empowerment of women in the informal sector. IIC is anchoring the UN-Women and SEWA Bharat co-chaired Women's Economic Empowerment (WEE) platform. The focus is to develop a national roadmap for four important drivers for WEE, consult with regional experts on the actions needed, one driver at a time, and scale proven interventions at a national level.

IDFC Institute Engagement

The IIC is engaging with the IDFC Institute, a think-do tank working on solving development challenges in close coordination with various ministries using their research capabilities. The IIC is partnering with IDFC Institute to support them with implementation of projects in the urbanization vertical, for example, with partners such as the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs for the Smart Cities project and the Bombay Municipal Corporation.

NHA Innovation Unit

The National Health Authority is being supported by an IIC team for designing and managing an in-house Innovation Unit (NIU). The NIU aims to be the leading arm of NHA in harnessing partnerships with the public and private sector to focus on enhancing the health service delivery of Ayushman Bharat -PMJAY. In addition, the NIU will also focus on creating an enabling ecosystem for start-ups to scale and thrive.


Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW) - eHealth

The IIC team at MoHFW is working with the Joint Secretary (eHealth) on multiple aspects of the National Digital Health Mission. The work involves supporting the development of Health Facility Registries, development of digital dashboards as well as visualization of existing data. We are also supporting the eHealth division in the adoption of AI technologies within the ministry as well as shape policy to uphold emerging technologies within the digital healthcare ecosystem.