Since September 2016, the International Innovation Corps (IIC) Social Enterprises Team has worked with OnlineTyari, an emerging ed-tech startup that helps government aspirants prepare for government exams in India. Through the use of quantitative and qualitative data, the IIC team has worked to understand mobile app user behavior, explore barriers to engagement, and discover opportunities for business development. In this video, Prachi Windlass, Head of India Education at the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation, Shreya Agarwal, IIC Social Enterprises Team project associate, and Rajveer Meena, OnlineTyari Chief Operating Officer, explore this unique collaboration and the value that has come of it. 

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The IIC Social Enterprises Team consists of Shreya Agarwal, Arushi Massey, Rishi Razdan, Ingrid Sydenstricker, and Alexa Tate.

This video was filmed, edited, and produced by Ingrid Sydenstricker.