International Innovation Corps

The International Innovation Corps (IIC), a program based at by the University of Chicago, seeks to instigate and inculcate a culture of innovative problem-solving within the Indian government development space.  The IIC also aims to build the next generation of global leaders by embedding diverse teams of young professionals within government agencies and nonprofit to design and implement innovative 1-3 year projects. See for more information.

University of Chicago Trust in India

This is a position at the University of Chicago Trust. The University of Chicago Trust is a charitable trust in India, established by The University of Chicago, to provide Indian citizens residing in India an avenue to support University of Chicago education and research projects in India.


Duties and responsibilities

The consultant  will be responsible for assisting the IIC in communicating the impact of their work, in organizing events and workshops, and producing brand-building material. Primary responsibilities to include:


Content Writer and Editor

  • Create impact stories based on IIC projects

  • Edit opinion editorials, blog posts, white-papers, or articles written by IIC teams

  • Curate and add content to IICs platforms like AVPN and IIC Website

  • Content editing and revamp of IIC website


Photo & Video Impact Stories

  • Create photo and video impact stories on IIC projects

  • End-to-end support of script writing, videography, editing and publishing

  • Required to have your own equipment


Graphics Designer

  • Create a design principle for IIC communications materials like whitepapers


Social Media

  • Manage content for IIC’s Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts


(The team will scope out additional tasks as per mutual interests)



  • Proficiency in MS office

  • Adobe illustrator, Quark, Photoshop or any equivalent (for graphics designing position)

  • Proficiency in video editing software (for video impact stories)

  • Exceptional communication, writing and editing skills (for content editing)

  • Willingness to travel to on-ground locations

  • High creative energy

  • Ability and willingness to work in a professional setting

  • Ability to work on tight timelines

  • Ability to work in a multinational team

  • Interest in the development sector



The consultant  will be expected to meet with the IIC team on a regular (predetermined) basis for updates and accountability. On an everyday basis, the consultant  will have the flexibility to work out of the place of his/her preference and can access the University of Chicago Center in Delhi for any meetings with the team. Work timings will remain flexible given that all predetermined deadlines are met.


Recruitment Process

Selected candidates will be invited for a round of interviews with the teams and management. We hope to have the Communications Consultant on-board for work by the first week of April and continue till August, 2018. This may be extended based on mutual interest.